Big Data Analytics (BDA)

Big Data and Analytics are more than mere buzzwords. Get this complex area right and it leads to better decision-making, better performance, better results.


Make the most of the vast volume and types of information your business or organisation collects & processes using hi-tech systems. Internal data plus data from customers, suppliers & the wider market. Start your BDA conversation here.


Analytics give you a dashboard, alerts & scorecards of what’s been happening. Analytics  help you predict future outcomes (e.g. how customers may respond to a new marketing promotion or how sales might be affected in certain market conditions). Analytics using A-B testing & optimization can advise on how best to do the job (e.g. what discount to offer, what type of ad to design. Our trusted partner for BDA is Logika IT Solutions. It uses the powerful Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service to bring you real-time insights with ease. The complex just got made simple.

E-Signature & Digital Certificate

More and more business is conducted in a paperless world. The ability to sign, send, protect and receive documents digitally and securely is increasingly important for organisations. Smart software allows you to sign and verify e-signatures with ease, confidence and speed, and to integrate this function across all relevant applications.


Our trusted partner Trans Sped provides solutions for this & is also a qualified issuer of digital certificates. A digital certificate is like an electronic passport which allows a person, computer or organisation to exchange information securely over the Internet. Trans Sped delivers solutions for integrating digital certificates into local networks, web applications, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or VPN networks… & a host of other electronic signature, signing and integration applications.