Why SmartICT

SmartICT appeals to CIOs who wish to ensure alignment between business and IT strategy realize innovation and improvements and gain competitive advantage through data analytics and intelligent monitoring, whilst continuing to reduce costs and realize efficiencies.

One single holistic view

  • Ensure knowledge transfer from key people into a robust system, improving decision making and therefore performance
  • Change culture to embrace accountability through granularity of detail, transparency and visibility across entire organization and ICT estate
  • Provide a maturity model to consistently reduce downtime and meantime to repair through increased availability year on year


Blueprint for digital transformation journey

  • Understand and know the ICT environment by unlocking big business data to derive value and map your digital transformation on real-time insights.
  • Optimize business processes through meaningful insights into best practice
  • Clearly understand capacity and performance to open doors to innovation

Real-time business insights that provide business value

  • Harness total transparency and visibility across the entire organization
  • Analyze and provide big data and information on business processes to attain continuous service improvement through automated actionable analysis
  • Measure and understand business data from processes to identify efficiencies.


  • Business Value Dashboards
  • Full Monitoring Coverage of ICT landscape
  • Overview of SMARTICT Maturity Model
  • Monitoring KEY Applications
  • Dedicated Onsite Resource

Skills Transfer

  • Enable staff to be self sufficient
  • Enable vendors to be self sufficient


  • Service Desk
  • SIEM
  • Etc

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