Infrastructure Assessment

The world is changing. Business is changing. Technology is changing. And fast! To stay ahead of the game it’s vital to ensure your IT infrastructure adapts as you grow. There are so many options out there it can be tricky to find the right approaches and solutions. Let us carry out an Infrastructure Assessment and guide you towards the BEST solutions for your performance and future-proofing requirements.

Security Assessment

As you may have seen in the news, cyber attacks on businesses and organisations are a growing menace. You can ‘hope’ something never happens or take preventative action. Here at PROW we can give you an objective assessment of the state of your IT security to help give you peace of mind. We will show you strategies, share best practice and recommend ways to put right any gaps in your network or systems. The price of getting it wrong does not bear thinking about. Better safe than sorry.

Professional Services

Whether you require IT installation, solutions or have an integration project, you can be reassured PROW can deliver on all fronts.

Our expert engineers can save you unnecessary expenditure as they use their year’s of experience in the field to put things in place for you. They will carry out your requirements to the full yet also offer advice if they see a better solution for your organization.

Cloud Integration Services

The Cloud offers powerful IT options for large enterprises & organisations. The speed, flexibility & cost advantages are widely understood. Are you making the most of it? The cloud gives you business agility. You can get products and services to market quicker. You can scale up & down more easily. The cloud frees IT resources to do more customer-focused or innovative work. Ultimately, it moves you away from CAPEX and into OPEX, significantly reducing your costs. Tight integration with on-premises applications is critical. It allows your organization to extend the life of its legacy systems & tap into rich data sources. We can make this happen for you.