SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response)

These days, even the most experienced security teams are overwhelmed by the sheer number of sophisticated cyber threats which increases every year, and the vast array of security technologies that require their management and focus. Many organizations simply do not have the resources to adequately respond to the current global threat levels whilst maintaining round-the-clock security operations and monitoring.  

In response to these challenges, Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) is a powerful solution with a broad range of capabilities that improve security outcomes and reduce costs. SOAR combines all the existing security tools into a single platform, providing powerful automation and process design tools to empower security teams to improve outcomes, reduce errors, and save time.

It is designed based on the following main modules

  • Security orchestration and automation
  • Security incident response platforms (SIRPs)
  • Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs)

The SOAR solution helps organizations to achieve

  • Faster Incident Response (IR).  improve median time to respond to security incidents (MTTR)
  • Enhanced Security Operations.  integrates with many security tools and threat intelligence feeds to provide full visibility on alerts and discard false positives.
  • Efficient Vulnerability Management (VM). Through the integration with scanning tools and vulnerability databases.

Through this solution multiple customers can be managed based on the multi-tenant platform and the hybrid deployment option as well. Also, it has a reporting functionality and customer access portal allowing to keep track of SLAs