Network Data Mining

Whenever somebody shops, surfs the web or takes action online it leaves a trail behind. Businesses and organizations can mine & analyze this data to uncover valuable information. Data mining can help with decision-making, improving network performance, discovering more about customers and subscribers, detecting malicious behaviors, marketing promotions & more.

Take advantage of Big Data technologies such as machine learning, stream processing and pattern detection to find patterns, links or associations – and to make higher-quality decisions and predictions. Through PROW and its trusted partners, a world of insight-laden data is at your fingertips.

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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

DPI is an advanced way to examine and manage network traffic. It locates, identifies, classifies, reroutes or blocks packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering cannot detect. This gives telecoms and other communications service providers a smarter way to retain highly secure networks, reduce network Opex, increase revenue, and improve quality of experience for customers and subscribers. To discover more about how DPI can serve your organization and find class-leading solutions for your business, please simply get in touch. We are here to help,

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Mobile Bandwidth Optimization

Mobile operators face continuous traffic growth due to 3G/4G developments, yet transmission capacity is restricted. They must therefore look at tactical solutions to increase capacity while also (a) maintaining performance KPI’s and (b) keeping a tight rein on operating and capital expenditure.

Working with PROW and its innovative market-leading partners, network mobile application developers can (1) significantly reduce operating expenses for RAN back hauling and Voice Trunks and (2) expand their services for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

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Internet Traffic Management (ITM)

Huge growth in global internet traffic has resulted in networks having to deal with higher volume and more complex content. Reliable and salable ITM solutions help content providers, fixed-line and mobile internet service providers (ISP’s), eCommerce sites, CDN’s and enterprises manage their web traffic. Take advantage of caching solutions for web acceleration and bandwidth optimization. Ensure you seek out robust industry-leading products and services which can readily adapt as your organization changes or grows.

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Carrier-Grade Media Gateways & SBC'S

A carrier-grade media gateway connects different types of networks. Hardware or software converts media streams between different telecommunication technologies. A Session Border Controller (or SBC) secures VoIP infrastructures and controls how calls start, run and end. Solutions can help carriers, operators, mobile virtual network operators & enablers, public agencies and organizations, call centers, developers, and trans coding & signaling companies. We can help you work through the maze of options (including media & VoIP media gateways, trans coding gateways, signaling gateways, SBC’s, hybrid SBC gateways) & find the right solution for you.