Управление Данными

Платформа Для Организации Данных

Companies have gained access to infinite streams of information which intensifies challenges related to gathering, sorting, analyzing, and managing the data within the boundaries of compliance and regulations. PROW offers a powerful solution that enables efficient data management across an extensive range of platforms covering big data, data analytics, data systems and more by helping …

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Системная И Облачная Инфраструктура

Enterprise Servers and Storage We live in an epoch where data is at the epicenter of this new digital revolution with users creating and generating data at warp speed on a global scale. Over the next few years, global data creation is projected to grow exponentially. PROW equips your organization with enterprise storage solutions (SAN/NAS) …

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Платформа Данных Искусственного Интеллекта

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing emerging solution. It uses powerful machines to perform tasks that were previously only carried out by humans. AI can operate continuously without disturbances or interruptions to solve complex tasks, reduce human error, and take quicker decisions based on astuteness and machine learning. PROW provides an integrated AI data …

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