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Code Review

Before your product moves on to the next step, code review enables a fresh pair of eyes to find defects and basic coding errors, improving the efficiency of the software delivery process. Mobile applications are a major driver of productivity and business expansion, but they also carry unusual hazards and risks. Companies developing and using mobile apps aren’t fully aware of security risks as those applications process an enormous amount of sensitive information that needs to be protected. Organizations must have an automated method to assess the code throughout the development of mobile apps in place of using conventional code scanners, which often miss important vulnerabilities that make it easier to exploit those apps. PROW’s Code Review and Assessment tool fills this need. 

Code Review Solution is easy to implement as the apps can be added directly from the build or manually uploaded. This tool helps identify all problematic gaps and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by Cybercriminals. 

Developers that use the Code Review tool follow these standard and simple directives that include Code Checking ,Binary App that once created submits to the tool immediately then proceeds to processes, build, and creates findings , also creating tickets to track findings that violate policy and finally offering visibility to the security team.


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