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Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is a security software that enables IT departments to implement policies that secure, monitor, and manage end-user mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT, and BYOD devices. 

MDM keeps your business data protected and ensures your company retains control over confidential information. PROW provides and recommends this tool that allows central control for mobile devices, providing effective data security. 

The Implementation of the MDM tool is simple. It can be offered on the cloud or on premises. 

To make mobile access to sensitive data secure, MDM Software provides an effective suite of features, including for BYOD solutions such as Encryption of e-mails, calendars and contacts ,Encrypted communication between client and server ,Whitelisting/Blacklisting of URLs and Applications ,Track mobile device location ,Wipe data device (e.g., in case of theft) and  many other features.

In addition to the MDM, PROW offers advanced mobile threat defense apparatuses (MTD) that provide mobile security and solutions for organizations. It prevents, detects, and remediates cyberattacks, using a variety of techniques.


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