About us

A one-stop technology company specializing in cybersecurity and information management, PROW offers a comprehensive suite of services, from consulting, design and deployment of powerful information management solutions based on big data platforms to the implementation of systems and training. We work with world-class partners to provide state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions.

At PROW, we offer managed security services, data protection technology, and professional services, in addition to IT and ICT service integration. Our service packages are tailored specifically to each customer’s individual requirements. We analyze the environments in which they operate to develop and implement the most suitable and secure solution that will achieve business growth at the most efficient cost.

Our services offer the peace-of-mind that comes with 24/7 vigilance and rapid response against attacks, using industry-leading expertise and the latest solutions.

Company Profile

A Dubai-based company working with leading global enterprises, PROW manages cybersecurity operations covering the entire MENA region. It was founded by a team of IT specialists with over half a century of combined digital expertise who have successfully served leading international and regional clients for many years.

In the age of rapid digital transformation, remote working and the shift to the cloud, businesses are facing a larger attack surface leaving them increasingly exposed to cybersecurity threats.

Partnering with some of the world’s leading names in cybersecurity, information management and enterprise solutions, PROW deploys state-of-the-art products and practical expertise to offer round-the-clock protection to its clients.

Through our SOCaaS service, we offer Managed Detection & Response using End Points Threat Detection, Event Management, Security Monitoring, Network Traffic Analysis and Access Management that continually monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats.

Our clients range from industry leaders and multinational corporations to SMEs in the public and private sectors, including telecoms operators, ISPs, healthcare organizations, retail businesses and more, all of whom demand professional advisory services that will contribute to the achievement of their business objectives.


Prow delivers our clients an outsourced cybersecurity operations 24/7 over the year.