PROW is at the forefront of the technology and digital revolution with a focus and mastery in the cybersecurity, information security and data management realms. At PROW, we offer a wide array of solutions that encompass consultancy and advisory services, design and deployment distribution of info management based on big data platforms, systems and training implementations and much more. Furthermore we are adamant about partnering up with the best in the business to deliver the latest, state of the art technologies and innovative solutions.

Managed security services, data protection technology and Systems and Cloud Infrastructure Service Integrations are some of the solutions we have on offer. We tailor our packages for each customer’s precise needs and requirements by analyzing and assessing the environments in which they operate, thus developing and implementing the most seamless, secure and customized solutions that in turn will guarantee they grow their businesses safely and accurately, all the while taking into consideration and achieving the challenging magic equation of Time, Cost and Excellence.

We are your 24/7 vigilante and rapid response agents against all forms of attacks, with top-notch expertise and cutting-edge solutions, enabling us to offer you your desired peace of mind and tranquility.

Company Profile

Our main branch is located in the UAE with offices in the MENA region and Central Asia. PROW was founded by an ambitious team of telco and IT professionals. They joined forces, combining and fusing their digital knowhow and expertise, to insure they cover all their international and local clients’ security requests.

If you are on the internet and you have data to protect and manage, your security is our business. Especially In this age of rapid digital transformations, remote working and data shifting to the cloud, the attack surface has also grown exponentially leaving businesses fairly exposed to cybersecurity threats.

Partnering with some of the world’s leading names in cybersecurity, information management and enterprise solutions, PROW offers around-the-clock Managed Detection & Response using End Points Threat Detection, Event Management, Security Monitoring, Network Traffic Analysis and Access Management that unremittingly monitor and react to mitigate cyber threats and hazards to guarantee customer protection and peace of mind.

Our clients range from multinational corporations to SMEs, from industry leaders to start-ups, both in the public and private sectors.

We cater to a large variety of industries like telecom operators, ISPs, healthcare organizations, retail businesses, education, hospitality, fin-tech, finance, manufacturing, construction and real-estate, retail, transportation …

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