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Risk Assessment

Organizations are becoming more vulnerable to security risks due to increasing cyber threats and breaches. Risk assessment helps create clarity and visibility by analyzing, evaluating, and determining potential menaces. 

In order to find and measure the risk postures of the company’s publicly accessible systems, PROW provides a managed open-source risk assessment solution. As it identifies the systems’ advantages and disadvantages, it facilitates easy comprehension and response to cyber dangers. Additionally, this solution would give enterprises access into the compliance risk rate, allowing them to strengthen their security posture. 

The assessment capabilities that are offered by the solution comprise of:

  • Third-party risk management and assessment: Third-party recommendations can be exposed to various risks. Even if your organization has excellent internal security, if your third-party providers have poor security, they will pose a serious threat. That’s why here at PROW, our tool enables you to understand the risk performance of each product and easily engage your vendors to optimize and avert risk outcomes. 
  • Enterprise risk management and assessment: As you view all the specifics of your systems, IT profiles, and security configurations, you may receive complete insight of your whole internet risk surface, encompassing controlled, shadow, and forgotten IT. 
  • Deep Assessment: Machine learning models that enable assessment and discovery tools.

Risk Assessment Abilities include DNS queries and resolution, Analyses of the internet DNS IP to hostname logs, Analyses of publicly accessible codes, Browsing websites obeying robots.txt instructions, and indicating loss or breach for data events.


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