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Managed SOC

Organizations are increasingly heading towards digital transformation and cloud services to enhance efficiencies, improve business agility and reduce costs in this era of the tech revolution.

However, this trend has led to an increase in the attack surface and incidence. These security risks were especially amplified during the COVID pandemic when employees working from home were remotely logging into their company’s internal applications and features. As a result, there is a persistent struggle to effectively respond to a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. Managing the challenge in-house requires significant investment in a security operations center (SOC), a comprehensive collection of cybersecurity solutions and a dedicated security team. This situation drains valuable resources and focus away from an enterprise’s core business activities.

For these reasons and more, outsourcing to a Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS) offers clients than all in one platform of cybersecurity solutions from a dedicated team of experts using industry-leading technology for around-the-clock protection.

PROW enables establishments to instantaneously fill the gap within their safety apparatus, offering a thorough security layer based on advanced SIEM technology through uninterrupted log monitoring, detection, protection and response with a capacity to evaluate and analyze by a dedicated security team ,Detection & Response offerings , User Behavior Analytics ,Real-time monitoring and Alerting, ry Compliance Reporting , running vulnerability scans ,Cloud Protection … All of these by enabling easy deployments and swift response interval which enhances security outcomes and accelerates remote security incident responses to critical security incidents.


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