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Managed SIEM

When it comes to deploying a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, organizations can choose between on-premises or As-a-Service models.

PROW offers a Managed SIEM service that includes collecting, centralizing and correlating of security events using SIEM that can be either cloud-based or on-site or both within the customer’s datacenter. PROW provides customized services tailored to each client’s individual requirements like Configuration & management, Periodic maintenance to check the health of the SIEM, Support and Monitoring, Tuning and updates, Change Management …

Its capabilities include Log Collection that collects and analyzes data from any kind of device. User Behavior Analytics or UBA  tracks and evaluates the user’s data and activities, Log Correlation that aggregates event logs upcoming from various data sources and applying predefined rules. System Monitoring that analyzes performance and the status of network components in real-time,Threat Intelligence with IOCs enriched SIEM improved from threat intelligence feeds as well as Centralized Dashboards and Reports.


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