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Endpoint & Network Protection

Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cyber threat detection and response endpoint security solution that uninterruptedly monitors end-user devices for malicious activities. 

PROW’s EDR security system provides cutting-edge threat detection, research and response capabilities the offers incident response and real-time detection. It provides the most sophisticated automated attack surface policy control that includes vulnerability assessments and identification. When the EDR organism notices unusual process flows and behaviors, it promptly quarantines any possible threats by denying those processes access to the file system and outbound communications if necessary. 

It is a light-weight software having distinctive user interface offering security analyst recommendations and targeted actions to isolate threats. The solution can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud.

EDR Capabilities encompass real time breach protection, attack surface reductions, helps enterprises gain efficient security operations, reduces business impact and enhancing incident response as well as discovery and control features.

Network Detection & Response

Organizations continually seek to improve their security stance always looking to the latest technologies to detect malicious activities, in real time and have the capacity to respond immediately.

A key component of Gartner’s SOC Visibility Triad (SIEM/UBA – EDR – NDR), Network Detection & Response (NDR) relies on Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) to identify blind spots within a grid and produce an immediate response to failings.

NDR uninterruptedly monitors network communications to identify potential attacks that might not be visible to other built-in security tools. In addition, the NDR solution is equipped with cloud-scale Machine Learning (ML), by means of which much of the processing power for ML execution can be offloaded from the network, offering improved detection rates in real time.

The key features of NDR include automatic and continuous asset discovery & classification, passive monitoring on-premises as well as cloud communications, Layer 2 through Layer 7 payload analysis of wire data, out-of-band decryption of SSL/TLS, unusual behavior and activities assessments with rapid investigations, timely intelligent response, internal visibility, and last but not least Threat Detection.


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